3D Artists Interview: Enter Into The Magic World of 3D Art

3D artists have shared so many amazing photographs with us on Fliiby so we have interviewed two of them. Check out what they say. 

posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago

During past few months many interesting 3D artists joined Fliiby platform. I hope that you have noticed bunch of mind blowing 3D photographs. Since we are very curious, we wanted to learn more about who they are, what they do and where they find inspiration for they work.

For this interview we have reached to Saulius Gudelevicius (SauliusArt) from Lithuania and Milton Olave (MyDrawingTips) from Colombia. They are both very talented artists so we have prepared few interesting questions for them.

Nice to meet you both guys! We are very happy to see you here on Fliiby! Can you please tell us what is your background?

Saulius: My background is 3D drawing on streets and walls

Milton: I am a person who believes in compassion, tolerance. I am one of those people who dislike for any form of abuse against a person or animal.

Have you ever done other jobs other than being an artist, or does art pay your bills?

Saulius: For the last few years art is my main lovely job. Yes, money is coming from art.

Milton: I worked on other things. My accounts have always paid a working trader. Currently I get some income from my drawings, but still not enough to meet all my needs. But without doubt it is a great help.

How people usually react to your work?

Saulius: In most cases people are surprised. They stop for a second to take a closer look at my work with a big green on their face. In overall, they tell me that they love it and they share my work with other people.

Milton: Most of the people say: "Wow! Your art is great!" Also: "How you manage your drawings to look 3D" or "I like your style”. I like to do funny drawings for people.

Is there anything that you dislike about being an artist?

Saulius: Only thing that I don’t like is when people think that being an artist is not a job and they don’t take art seriously.

Milton: Not really. Thinking and expressing with drawings is great. The money could be seen as a negative, but actually an artist draws by passion and not just for the money.

What is your dream project?

Saulius: My dream project is to take part in 3D street art festival with famous artists from all over the world where I could learn something new and useful from them.

Milton: I had many dreams before. Now, my dream would be able to devote full time to art.

How would you define your goal, professionally?

Saulius: No borders (corners) for art.

Milton: Illustrator, conceptual artist.

Since all of our interviewees are 3D artists, we must ask are you familiar with each other work?

Saulius: I have seen many of his drawings online but in old wolf's family I`m just newbie.

Milton: Yes. I know the work of most people and I like and follow their work. Many of them are on YouTube so I watch their channels.

Would you try the drawing technique other guys are doing?

Saulius: I must say that I'm doing that too. I love to draw and make timelapse videos, moreover, I like to draw on wood and paper.

Milton: Yes, I like it and I think that at some point I will try with other techniques as well.

Preparing of this interview with Saulius and Milton was really interesting and inspiring. It is always nice to spend some quality time with great artists like both of them. Make sure that you follow them as they will share more incredible work with all of us here on Fliiby.

Posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago