A word or two about the novelties in the Fliiby V3, from the designer’s viewpoint

Fliiby V3 is getting closer to its launch. The official date when it becomes available to the users is the 22nd August. On this occasion, read what our designers say about the new interface. Through a brief interview, you will find out what’s new in Fli

posted by Fliiby • 3 years ago

1. Fliiby V3 design is distinguishably different from the previous versions, but also from the other platforms in the online world – where did you find the inspiration for such a bold move?

Fliiby V3 is different from the previous versions, I’d just add ‘damn right’ J In fact, in our opinion, the previous versions hardly had any design – the focus was on the essential things from the aspect of functionality. We are really glad that we ‘popped in’ just at this stage and at this version, since the product is now well-formed, making it the right moment to do the design. We believe we placed the good basis for the development of this extraordinary product. As for the inspiration, there is no special secret and magic – you came with the precisely defined goals and ideas of the way you want to take, it fitted well in our ideas and design style, so there really was no ‘magic sauce’, apart from the great teamwork.

2. Which are, according to you, specific improvements in V2 regarding the user experience?

It is true that we did not overuse the old version – it repulsed us from the very beginning exactly because of its design. This is probably all designers’ flaw if they are to use something, it needs to look good. I think we highlighted the content itself, holding onto the old, maybe even corny phrase ‘content is the king’. So, we tried to highlight the user content better, remove everything that is not necessary at first. We did everything as we told you – our ideology is to deliver the apps as the iceberg – minimal at the top, but if better looked into, it shows its great abundance of functionalities. The user’s curiosity uncovers the new app’s options. Everything is about the user’s wish to spend their strength and energy to learn about the app; however, we know that the users’ tolerance level is low – they do not have a lot of patience, and do not want to spend a lot of time, which is today measured in milliseconds. So, we could not invent anything new, but use the good solutions used daily by our users: Gmail, facebook, twitter, android, iOS… Of course, this list needs to be expanded by possible competition to this project, which we examined very well so that we could be even better and more innovative.

3. What was the main challenge in creating the new version’s identity?

We do believe that the greatest challenge was the very logo and corporate identity, not only for us who did the design but also for you when you had to decide if and what will be accepted. It is probably due to the fact that the logo cannot be changed every day, so this was the greatest and hardest choice we had to make all together. After that, the thing that does not seem so complicated is the page that presents the fliiby app. You may wonder – why that one when it should be the crown of the project. The answer is simple – that is the page which should present our work, and it is definitely the hardest job to do. This is where you ask yourself a hundred questions – just as a bad movie trailer can influence the bad audience, so can a bad presentation of the landing page influence the use of the application.

4. Which part are you especially proud of, and which one do you leave for improvement?

There really is no specific part to point up. We look at the app as a whole, and of course, we can hardly wait to see the combination of the design and functionality because if the things are done well together and this synergy is felt by the users, our pleasure is multiplied.

5. Grid design has been used more and more frequently nowadays, what is the main advantage of this view type, in your opinion?

We think that one cannot enter the web without it, at least not with projects like this, which can be very big. It is absolutely true that, regardless of the used grid type, certain standards need to be set – either a popular one or one’s own. It does not make a difference. The grid is also important for the responsive and it enables good quality symmetry with the elements’ layout on smaller screens.

6. What do you expect from the V3?

The same as you, the owners – a lot of users for starters, and also to see the flexibility of our interface with the changes brought upon by other people, while keeping our esthetic value set at the very beginning. Moreover, we would really like to get a lot of users’ comments.

Posted by Fliiby • 3 years ago