Changes to the File Library Concept

We have made changes to the core concept of Fliiby.

posted by Fliiby • 5 years ago

File library now consists of two parts : Backup & Publisher Systems.

Backup System is closed part of the library, aimed for personal use, mainly file backup and sharing, while Publisher System presents open part of the library and it’s focus is on digital content publishing.

As you can see from the graph above, common users can have ‘Private’ and ‘Shared’ file, while only users that join our Publisher Program, can have ‘Public’ files. This new concept is affecting all new accounts since March 2013. We have started manual switch of 260.000 old accounts to this new model, and all of those accounts will be either ‘closed’ for private use or approved for Publisher Program if qualify. This is our approach to the issues we were facing in the past six years, from advertisers dependency, copyright claims, search rankings, user requirements, etc

Posted by Fliiby • 5 years ago