File Borrowing - New Copyright Concept?

We wondered what would happen if we embraced the library concept and transferred it to the online world.

posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago

Here’s the thing about the libraries – we love them. Simple as that. The smell of old books, the silence and the turning of paper pages. And perhaps the best thing about the libraries is – the rules are the same for everyone. The whole concept of libraries is about borrowing. People come to borrow the book, read it and then return it. And it’s very difficult to get rid of the feel of guilt if you face the overdue fine for keeping the book longer than you’re supposed to. We could say that this system works pretty good since you won’t see many complaints about libraries. Really, people just love them.

We started wondering what would happen if we’d transferred this concept of libraries to the online world. So, we made Fliiby, a publishing platform which is also a file library. Now, we’re working on the “file borrowing” concept, which could be a compromise when it comes to online copyright infringement.

The “content market”

According to the Brandon Gaille’s infographic, there were 152 million blogs in 2013. Thanks to the digital age, and to the fact that today person’s online attention span is approximately 9 seconds, you can’t have just text on your blog. You need visual content.

That’s where the image stock websites come in, offering you a vast choice of images to use (if you buy them, that is). So, that’s pretty clear business image. If you need any type of visual content, you’ll look for a place to get it. For that, there are plenty of stock image websites, infographics, etc. However, this is the concept that’s been used for centuries – the “sell – buy” concept, which also means that there will always be attempts to get around this concept by simply – stealing the images. People usually won’t (or due to the laws in their country, can’t) buy the desired image. So they simply save the image or print screen it for the further use, aware, but still ignorant to the fact they’re committing the copyright infringement. Therefore, we wanted to find a certain compromise that will benefit both authors and the users in need of visual content for their websites and blogs, and we thought of – the file library.

The File Libraries

File library works just like the real (or the “offline”) libraries do. Fliiby is the only platform that works like a file library that offers “file borrowing”, and the best thing is – it’s free to use. There’s not even a fee you have to pay monthly or annually to use it. We wanted to make Fliiby as simple as possible to use, so we made it completely free in order to benefit everyone.

If you need an image for your blog, all you have to do is grab the embed code for the file, paste it and you’ve successfully borrowed the file.

So, presuming you’re a blogger, why would you ever risk receiving the DMCA take-down notice, when you can embed the image and get it over with? The author gets a revenue share, exposure, crediting and you get the content. File embedding option could be a good start when it comes to ending the copyright war on bloggers online.

We can’t imagine someone try and copy the 600 pages of the book he just borrowed from the library. Why is the same thing considered fiction when it comes to the online world? We hope the whole concept of file libraries and file borrowing will evolve in the future as we consider it a possible model of copyright infringement prevention.

What are your thoughts on this concept? Is there anything you would add? Do you think file borrowing could prevent people from stealing the online content? Do let us know in the comment section bellow!

Posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago