File Library Explained

What's a file library and how it workds

posted by Fliiby • 6 years ago

We have put together a document called File Library Explained in order to explain key concepts of file library service, it’s privacy model, features and how they work.

We truly urge you to check it how you would get familiar what Fliiby is capable off, what you can do with it, how new file sharing mechanism works, how much your files are secure etc.

There were major changes to whole service with launch of new version. We took very strong approach to security, privacy and quality. New Upload & Management application enables to you easily backup, share and publish files, with who you want – the way you want.

You can now create subfolders structure, fetch/get files from various of sites (,,,…), share them with friends or group of friends, use file encryption to protect your data, download multiple files at once, preview almost everything from images, audio, video, flash to documents.

Posted by Fliiby • 6 years ago