Fliiby 4 Years

Today is four years since we launched fliiby.com online back in Aug 2007.

posted by Fliiby • 6 years ago

Since launch, we together, have created collection of 1.000.000 files,

with over 20.000.000 downloads delivered and 300.000.000 views of the same.

Pretty impressive resume don’t you think (:

We had small Fliiby Party here in our office in Zrenjanin, Serbia.

We celebrated 4 years of project, 3 years of company and had promotion on new version (V2) of fliiby.com

So It’s official : ETA of Fliiby V2 is 10-14 days.

We shell be sending some beta invites to old friends and users to take a look and help us little in debugging.

So check back in week or two, new system will be up and it is a game changer!

You don’t want to miss it!

Fliiby Team

Posted by Fliiby • 6 years ago