Fliiby : three years

It's been a three long years. Let's have a look at what's new and what's old :)

posted by Fliiby • 7 years ago

Today is our Fliiby girl’s birthday. It’s been three years since we launched project online back in August 2007. Three years of dedicated work, struggle against all the odds, support for/of our friends, family and users. Still in the Game :) We’re been silent for some time, not much of blog posts and updates in last six months, but we were working on whole system strengthening and administration. To tell you the truth, it has never been better ;) as a company we’re profitable and independent, revenue and traffic is up, we’re on constant growth and most of the work has been automated. It’s like we have given life to our girl, and now we’re enjoying the fruit of our work.

Along the side of three years, we have celebrated the opening of Fliiby office for development team within the city of Zrenjanin in Serbia. Good things happen to those who wait ;) Anyhow, we’re on Version 2 development of Fliiby service, with the new logo, style and design, which will probably be released at the beginning of 2011. In the meantime have fun using our service, criticise us as much as possible and believe in us. You have really been the BEST audience, we will never forget it!

Posted by Fliiby • 7 years ago