Fliiby V3 Is Here

Hey friends. After 8 months of development, 349.788 lines of code and a few gallons of green tea, we’re so excited to let you know that Fliiby V3 is officially live and has replaced the old site!

posted by Fliiby • 3 years ago

The New File Library platform now combines everything offered by YouTube, SoundCloud, Scribd, Flickr and several other services – all within a single domain, and on top of that, we have added Monetization Program that allows you to monetize your photos, music, videos, documents, flash games and files.

We urge you to check out Fliiby’s new site, and start uploading and monetizing your valuable digital content.

Here’s what’s new in Fliiby V3

We have redesigned the whole platform from scratch, removed the unused and improved all features that were in use. The site is now responsive and designed to work across all devices; the new UI is very simple & intuitive and will get you uploading and downloading files right away. Key features and components of the new platform include :

Upload system, now supporting multi-file upload from all devices (with HTML5/Flash fallback). We designed it so it is always just one click away, no matter where you’re on the site. It has the Drag&Drop feature and can be used to upload all file types.

Dynamic Storage Model, which is used to calculate your storage space consumption and needs. To say it simple, you can have as much space as you need, as long as you use it to provide quality and original content. This system is reward-based, where you get twice as much file space for each of your uploaded files labelled as public.

Fliiby Player, built to work on any device (with HTML5/Flash fallback) and to play any file type. With embedding styles and customization possibility, you can use it to play & embed your photos, music, videos, flash games, documents and files anywhere you like.

Monetization Program aimed for digital content publishers who would like to monetize their valuable digital content, through ad revenue sharing. Our new advertising solution uses the combination of pre-roll videos and banner ads, generates high CPM rates and we’re constantly working on bringing in the global coverage. You can submit your application for joining the monetization program right away -, all it takes is to have your original and quality content. Once approved, you are left to track statistics and watch your revenue growing.

Private Sharing, the old privacy model was replaced with much simpler “Private or Public” model. You can now share your private stuff with one click, by generating private share URLs for files and folders.

With Custom Profile Pages, you can now fully control the look of your pages, customizing them the way you like with cover & profile photos, building your followers list much easier, and letting people enjoy the discovery of your files through infinite scroll, as well as powerful filters & on page search, folder and file pages. And much more…

Fliiby has become a digital content publishing and monetization platform, built for creative artists and developers. Once again we urge you to check and experience the new site by yourself. Years of experience and work have been put into this platform and we believe it will revolutionise the way people publish and share files. It can be used by anybody who’s in a production of digital content to publish anything.

Please spread the word. And be patient with us, the new system is currently in beta, your old files are under conversion, so your previews will be available asap, while the newly-uploaded files will work right away. Please, give us your feedback so we could improve our work and become even better.

The Fliiby Team

Posted by Fliiby • 3 years ago