Fliiby V3 : Official Launch Party

Friday, 22nd August, the Mixer House, Belgrade –in front of over 200 invitees from the domestic IT industry, Fliiby V3 was officially launched.

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Fliiby now combines everything offered by YouTube, Soundcloud, Flickr and other online services, but unlike the majority of these services, Fliiby pays each content creator through showing advertisements by their uploaded contents.

The founders of the project, Vujadin and Nemanja Divjak, bespoke to the audience.

‘It was our wish to unite all these services at a single place, with one login, and offer the chance of earning at the same time. A lot of people upload valuable files to the Internet nowadays but have no benefit from it. With Fliiby V3, we decided to put a stop to this and introduce the world to the future of digital publishing’, said Vujadin Divjak, creator of the idea and company CEO.

In May of 2014, Fliiby was announced best startup of the ‘Startit Fest’. This stimulated new feats and prepared the creators for yesterday’s launch of V3.

This project was also lauded by Miloš Došen, founder and steering committee chairman of Serbian Venture Forum.

“Upon meeting Fliiby’s founders and their idea, I gave my sincere support. They are full of knowledge and energy to bring this project to the world.”

Nemanja Divjak, one of the founders of this innovative platform, stressed that Fliiby has existed since 2007 and gained 300.000 users up to present. Furthermore, he said that the new version’s goal is around 1 million users by the end of the year.

Fliiby is available at fliiby.com. Registering is free of charge and using this platform offers everything at a single place, being really simple and intuitive. By registering for the monetization option, one can start earning today from their author music, video clips, flash games, documents and everything digital, still ‘sitting’ on their computer with no possibility of earning a single dollar.

More from Fliiby V3 and what’s new in next post to come. Till then check out photos from Fliiby V3 launch and official Fliiby V3 promo video :

Posted by Fliiby • 3 years ago