Fliiby V3 voted the best startup in strong competition

Fliiby voted the best startup on StartIt in Belgrade

posted by Fliiby • 4 years ago

The Fliiby team spent several previous days on StartIt Fest in Belgrade, which took place in our country for the first time. StartIt Fest gathered over 50 start-up enterprises which presented their work to investors who took part in this start-up festival, the biggest festival of this type in this part of Europe.

Without big expectations, Nemanja Divjak, one of Fliiby’s establishers, presented our ‘cloud’ startup to numerous conference participants.

The official speaker called out the prizes in reverse order, going towards announcing the winner. When we heard we had not won the third or the second prize, we started believing we would return to our office with our hands empty, and then, a miracle happened.

Fliiby V3 was pronounced the best start-up in the conference and took the flattering title ‘Best of the Fest’.

This prize is very important to both us and our team.

We dedicate it to all our users, who are our greatest motivation in developing the new version. We also invite them to follow Fliiby, given that V3 is about to start very soon.

We do not have time to celebrate – we are diving into our work with the wish to provide you with the above mentioned version of Fliiby.

Posted by Fliiby • 4 years ago