Fliiby WordPress Plugin 101

New release of Fliiby WP plugin and what you can do with it

posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago

Our Fliiby WP plugin has now grown to be V1.3.0, so all eventual bugs are fixed. If you prefer not to read these step by step tutorials, here's a video you can play while drinking a hot cup of coffee.

For the rest of you, we continue with the good old fashioned text way.

What’s Fliiby WP plugin and how to install: 

Fliiby WP plugin lets you: host, encode, publish and monetize your media from the media library. That way, you’re not restricted to using just photos, but any file you may want to host. Our state of the art HTML5 player will do the work for you, regarding the embedding on your website. You can easily download it from here, or simply search the plugin on your WP dashboard in the “Plugin” section.

Once you install it, you’ll notice a Fliiby icon left on your screen in your WP dashboard, as well as a Fliiby button next to “Add Media” button in your post editor.

Though it sets the default settings for width and height, you can manually override the style yourself in the Default Fliiby Options and set the desired width and height of the images.

If you’ve applied to the Publisher program, you’ll get a revenue share every time someone views a page where your Fliiby file is embedded.

If you need more info than just this brief tutorial, make sure to read the thorough step-by-step here, or just get comfy and watch the whole video above. 

WP plugin features: 

Global ad fill 

Our advertisers provide geographical coverage of ads all over the world. No matter where you’re from, you’ll get a chance to monetize your content with Fliiby.

Statistics tracking

You’re  able to track your statistics and the revenue generated by ads on your Fliiby profile.

Search through 500k files or upload your own

Through our plugin, you can upload your files directly to your Fliiby account and embed it through the plugin on your WordPress website.

Of course, if you’re not a publisher yourself but a mere user looking for the quality content for your website, with our WP plugin, you can still access the Fliiby library with more than 500 000 files and choose the one that suits you best.

Dynamic Storage

Storage full? Don’t worry! The more you upload, the more storage you have, thanks to our dynamic storage model. Of course, this only works as long as you provide your own, quality content.


Posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago