The Ultimate Free Flash Games Collection from Mochi

Although Mochi ceased to exist in March, 2014. we managed to collect over 80k flash games in our library

posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago

Since Fliiby is a digital library, we do what libraries do best - store some amazing things on our shelves and wait until they get rediscovered. So, it’s time to blow the dust from this amazing collection of Flash games we’ve been holding just for ourselves.

After 31st of March 2014, Mochi ceased to exist. All of those flash games seemed desperately gone. What you probably don’t know is that we’ve managed to save a library of roughly 80.000 flash games here on Fliiby. That’s right - 80.000. No extra zeros added.

So, feel free to browse this amazing library and play your favourite flash games from the old’ times.

If your eyes start filling with tears, don’t worry, it’s just probably someone chopping the invisible onions.

Here are just a few of them:

Posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago