Google going for file sharing 28 Billion $ worth market

Google preparing a file sharing platform - and it leaked!

posted by Fliiby • 10 years ago

When the king of hill decides to go for a strong industry like file sharing ( estimated to be worth over 28 Billion $ by the end of 2012 ) with the cheapest infrastructure of any portal, they are well-placed to kick some serious butt in online storage. To succeed it is needed to meet market demands and to build a high-value product. This is where “GDrive” (code name platypus) comes into the play.

GDrive is a service that would let users store on its computers essentially all of the files they might keep on their personal-computer hard drives — such as word-processing documents, digital music, video clips and images. The service could let users access the files via the Internet from different computers and mobile devices and share them online …

Google is getting closer to unleashing an online storage product, one that has been rumoured for over a year and would enter the space now occupied by Amazon’s S3,, SkyDrive, and others.

Google faces hurdles on issues such as data privacy, copyright, the economics of adding storage capacity and the technical challenges of offering service without interruption. It is still possible that new developments could lead Google to shift tack or shelve plans for the storage offering in the coming months.

Despite its flexibility, online storage does have some shortcomings. The main one is access speed, which is limited by the user’s connection. The widespread use of asymmetrical services such as ADSL and cable means uploading large files is a tedious business. But a fast Internet connection does not necessarily mean rapid access to online storage, as iDisk users outside North America will testify.

The trick that Google needs to pull off is finding a scheme for online storage that presents itself as a hard drive regardless of the operating system – Windows, Mac OS X or Linux – that happens to be running on the computer the customer is using at the time.

Networked storage is also crying out for a simple solution. Lots of companies are going after that market, but none of them have the scale or deep pockets or established services that Google has.

How will Google monetize a service like this? And how are they going to secure it? There have been data losses already through Gmail. What’s to prevent similar issues with a GDrive? How will they achieve a stable subscriber based Network Storage to fit with the Google model that is both secure and stable?

Of the book, in the spring of 2004 Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson presented the ominous Epic 2014 (now renamed Epic 2015) that ultimately predicts that Google will force the New York Times to shut down. In the movie, they also predict that Google will launch something called “Google Grid”: “…a universal platform offering an unlimited amount of space and bandwidth that can be used to store anything. It allows users to manage their information two ways: store it privately or publish it to the entire grid.” 

Google’s mission is to organize “+store” the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. So its all maybe going that way. World with infinite storage, bandwidth, and CPU power. And who knows, maybe we do become smarter, better and happier persons..

Posted by Fliiby • 10 years ago