Join our #SheInspires contest for Women's Day

It’s that time of the month when we celebrate our fellow humans with two X chromosomes.

posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago

Of course, we’re talking about International Women’s day! Apart from being just our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, they’re also our colleagues, doctors, lawyers, writers, actresses, scientists.

Still, women all around the world are treated unequally, many of them do not have some basic human rights. Even in the “developed” countries, they’re still being labelled as a minority group.

Last month we celebrated love, and now, let’s celebrate our girls because they deserve it!

Show us what inspires you the most about women, whether it’s some very special girl in your life, the artistic concept of the woman herself, or something else, you’re welcomed to join our contest #SheInspires. Photos, illustrations, anything that’s your cup of tea, because remember – you can publish anything.


#SheInspires contest is open until 7th of March at 00h. All you have to do to enter the contest is tag your photo with #SheInspires hashtag and give us a brief description why and how she inspires you.

On the 8th of March, we’ll announce the winners on Fliiby blog. The winners will be rewarded with Fliiby branded mugs, T-Shirts and USB sticks.

Here are some of our users’ files to inspire you:

Let us know who and why inspires you!

Posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago