Launch of Fliiby Publisher (Revenue Sharing) Program

We have some big news about our new feature

posted by Fliiby • 5 years ago

Cut down your storage costs, encode your files for free and make money on all your ad views. Join Fliiby revenue sharing program and easily monetize any type of digital content.

Friends we are happy to announce the launch of Fliiby Publisher Program, our ad revenue sharing program that allows you to easily host, encode, publish and monetize any type of digital content you produce. You simply upload your files, insert embed code onto your site/blog and make money every time your files are viewed and ads are showed. It is complete file hosting, encoding, publishing and monetization solution.

As a publisher you will be granted public uploads, embedding of your files, you will get 100% ad fill with competitive CPM rates, unlimited storage and bandwidth consumption, and your files will be promoted, categorised and publicly accessible via

What are you waiting for? Join now and start making money from your files!

Posted by Fliiby • 5 years ago