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In this post we will show how you can use Fliiby Embed to monetize your site/blog in few easy steps

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If you have a website or a blog, one of the easiest way  to monetize (make revenue) out of the content you write & create, is by placing ads (like Google Adsense or alike) onto it. There is also a way of monetizing media content on site directly via ads. Fliiby is powerfull platform for publishing of what we call digital content (photos, videos, music, etc.) with built in monetization possibility. Content monetization is done via video/overlay ads that are showed inside/on-top of content you upload.

In this post we will show how you can use Fliiby Embed to monetize media content on your website/blog in few easy steps.
To complete this tutorial you will need the following:

1.) Fliiby account (that you can create for free)
2.) Approved application for Fliiby Monetization Program (also free, but with few requirements like having quality & original content)
3.) Website or Blog where you can embed media content uploaded to/from Fliiby
*4.) Fliiby Wordpress Plugin (this step is optional and only if you have Wordpress website, for easing of uploading/embedding of content)

Step 1 - Fliiby account

Once you have created free Fliiby account, it's time to upload few files how you could apply for Fliiby Monetization Program. During the file upload process, you can apply by simply turning to "ON" option 'Monetize this file with ads' where you will be prompted to submit monetization program application.

Create free Fliiby Account page

Step 2 - Application for Fliiby Monetization Program

You can apply for Fliiby Monetization Program directly via form at monetization page (or during the upload/edit process of file). We need some basic info like name, address and payout preferences. This is where you can also see status of your application (submitted, denied, blocked or approved). Approval usually happens within 24h. We will notify you via email & notification about decision.

To be approved you will need to have few uploaded files for review that match our content quality criteria and that you have rights to share. If you are denied, you will know the reason (copyrighted/low quality/doorway/link-buidling content, etc.) and you can apply again once you make required changes in your account. Once approved you will gain access to monetization dashboard where you can track earnings, payments and daily revenue statistics. Since then, make sure all activity you make aligns with monetization program terms or your account could get blocked because of invalid activity (like faking views, ad clicks, irregular use of embed or uploading of copyrighted content - we're very strict about this part!)

Enabling Monetization for each file during Upload/Edit process

Step 3 - Embedding content to your website/blog

By now, you should have Fliiby Account with approved application for Fliiby Monetization Program (if no, please get back to steps 1 & 2).
Next step is to grab embed codes of your uploaded files and insert them into pages/posts on your website or blog. Fliiby has pretty nice html5/flash player that is capable of playing image/audio/video/document files inside of it and you can even create embed styles for it to match colors and look of your own website. To grab the embed code, under the your profile & file pages look for "Share" option for file, and you will be prompted with formatted "Embed" code that you can copy & paste to your page/post.

Share dialog for file, with Embed Code

You can embed any file you find on Fliiby for free, but only for your files you will have monetization (ad revenue sharing) in place. Please note: you will need to opt-in to "ON" option for monetization for each file you upload & wish to monetize with ads, and Fliiby staff will need to approve each file uploaded prior ads are able to run on it! This is usually a quick process and happens within an hour of upload and with time you can gain status of trusted publishers so all will happen instantly.

Example of Pasted Embed Code to website Add New Post page

Once everything is in place - pasted embed code onto website page/post & file checked for monetization - you will start seeing video/overlay ads showing within Fliiby Embed on your website. Please note: for first time use on new website sometimes it is necessary for us to white-list your domain  before ads are able to show - if you need troubleshooting with this write us at

Fliiby Embed in action, with Overlay Ad on top of content

*Step 4 - Fliiby Wordpress Plugin

This step is optional and an option if you run your own wordpress website. You can use Fliiby Wordpress Plugin to automate whole above process of uploading/embedding/monetization of media content on your site/blog. To get started first install plugin by searching for "Fliiby" via Plugins page at your Wordpress Admin page or manually download Fliiby plugin and upload it to your plugin directory.

Install Fliiby Wordpress Plugin by searcning "Fliiby" at plugins page of wordpress dasboard

Once Fliiby Wordpress Plugin has been installed, you can easily access your whole Fliiby Account from within "Add New Post" page and embedding of content will work like a charm just by inserting Fliiby file link in the post.

Add New Post page of wordpress, with Fliiby plugin installed

Results will be the same as in previous example where formatted embed code was pasted directly into post, but plugin will take care of embedding on much better way: optimizing page loading if multiple embeds are present on page, adding the "og:image" of each embed to header of your pages, etc..

Fliiby Embed (with overlay ad) in action via plugin

Hope this tutorial will show you possibilities of Fliiby publishing & monetization platform and will give you an idea what you actually can do with it. We have step-up media content monetization on a whole new level with Fliiby Embed solution, that works very well for end users, advertisers and you the publishers. And Fliiby literaly takes care of everything for you: from file hosting, encoding & streaming to ad delivery & payouts.

Few website examples already using Fliiby Embed to monetize their media content are bellow:

Add yours implementation in comments bellow. And happy embedding and monetization of your valuable digital content ;)

Posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago