New Look of Fliiby Home Page

We have rolled out first of many upcoming updates, and it covers new Home Page & personalized feeds you can see as a registered user.

posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago

Hello our beloved Fliibers! We all know that nothing much has been changed on our pages for some time. During past few months our developers worked hard and almost drunk all our coffee to make Fliiby more awesome. As of today, we have rolled out first of many upcoming updates that you will love, and it covers new Home Page & personalized feeds you can see as a registered user.

Featured Feed

Now, when you go to Fliiby  home page, you will notice that it is totally different than in previous version. Our main goal was to promote high quality content together with File of The Day. This is where Featured feed has come into play.

Every visitor will see same “Featured Feed” that is handpicked by Fliiby staff showing most interesting files that have been uploaded the day. When you scroll down a little bit you will notice big blue “Load More” button. Once you click on it, batch of new amazing files will be revealed.

Tip: Upload better quality and interesting files and we will be more than happy to show off your work in Featured Feed.

Since many of our users especially asked for like button that will change color, from now on when you hit that like button if will change color. Give it a try! 

Fliiby File Preview Panel

During past two years more than 500.000 amazing files have been uploaded to Fliiby platform. We are exploring new ways for showing all of them. Having that on mind, we have created new File Preview Panel.

When you click on any file on the Fliiby Home page new preview panel will pop up and you will see whole file across your screen. 

In this panel you are able to see file in better resolution. Also, all features are still here so you are able to like, share, download file or write a comment. Moreover, by clicking on a arrows on the left and right side you may see next or previous file.

Quick Tips: If you are in front of the keyboard, by pressing left or right key you are able to see next or previous file. Try pressing “L” key and see what will happen. Clicking on a File Title will get you to regular File Page instead of File Panel ;)

Fliiby Following Feed

When you finish watching all amazing files that you miss out from your last visit, close preview panel by clicking on the little X sign in the right corner (or press “ESC” button on the keyboard) and scroll down on the page. 

Fliiby Following Feed will show you what is going on the platform with the people that you follow in real time. Once some of them like or upload a file, or follow other great people - you will see it right here. 

Spend a few minutes and take a look at new updates and share with us your thoughts. What do you think about latest updates? Do you find them useful and interesting? Please share with us your comments in section bellow and stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

Posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago