New Profile & File pages

Next in series of updates, we have rolled out new Profile & File pages on Fliiby website

posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago

If you checked profile & file pages lately, you probably noticed new design that standouts and brings content (and you - the users) into the first place. Re-design was rolled out as a part of update series that we began doing recently on Fliiby website. Here is a little bit more info what you can expect from re-designed pages, with few tips how to get maximum out of them.

Profile pages

First thing you will notice on profile pages is "Overview" section, where you can see recent activity in terms of uploaded & liked files, together with list of latest people being followed. Rest of sections allows you detailed view of all files, folders, likes, following & followers.

TIP : you can set "Featured File" to show on top of your profile page, by doing "Edit" file and under "more options" turn to ON option "Feature this file on my profile"

File pages

New file pages are re-designed with strong focus and UX and "Content First" approach in mind. You can now easily preview photos (with zoom in / zoom out possibility), videos and rest of files. Bellow player you will find panel with buttons for "Liking", "Downloading" and "Sharing" of content, with additional info about it and the user who published it.

After comes "Relevant" section where you can discover similar content with good rating, and finally you will encounter "Comments" section at the bottom of page. We also did changes to how and where we show ads, so we hope you will like it too.

TIP : to like file directly from page press letter "L" on keyboard, and to navigate to "Next/Previous" pages from user use keyboard shortcuts "Arrow Right/Arrow Left" ;)

Happy exploring & uploading of amazing content and leave your comments on blog bellow.

Posted by Fliiby • 1 year ago