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It's birthday time!

posted by Fliiby • 9 years ago

Dearest friends, today our girl Fliiby ^_^ has her first birthday.

It was one tuff year of work, dedication and struggle, and when we look behind,

we did make it! One great file collection has been created thanks to you, greatest community and Fliiby team thanks you!

We will send some Fliiby gifts to you, for your great support. Following users, please update your contact info under ‘Profile and Stats’ tab on account page :

shaside, blader, gagic, IceCold, sexygirl, zeroql, hpereyraf, realestniggas, patrizia, examenesyoposiciones, zemmy, Ninjai, LOVERs_INN, Grotlo, maristas, settle, dingo.

Our gift to our girl is new Fliiby logo. Please take a part in public vote during following week, and tell us do you like it. As about plans and future of project, we cant tell you how much we are excited about new futures we are preparing at this moment. We are implementing reward model, so it is about time to get active, by uploading files, and to participate in it.

Following year will be full of activities, possibilities, new futures and services.

Thank you for your support!

Fliiby team

p.s – here is a link to old fliiby logo, for memory

Posted by Fliiby • 9 years ago