Six months of Fliiby

Today is exactly 6 months since Fliiby is online.We, together, managed to create collection of around 20.000 files and reached critical point,from where Fliiby is sustainable by itself and independent.Thank you..:)

posted by Fliiby • 10 years ago


Document preview

We are working hard on bringing document preview, through FlashPaper system. In next couple of months, this future will be part of Fliiby platform,so users will be capable of previewing and download original *.doc, *.pdf, etc file types…

Software Publishers

Part of Fliiby for software distribution, in order to promote freeware and open source. Coming soon.


We’re on development of “Quickest files upload” stand-alone product, for quick, easy and simple multi upload, for all users who don’t

have time to register their accounts and are living fast Internet life.



Mac users upload bug fix

The Bug has been removed, Apple Mac users are now free to upload most common file types as before.

Posted by Fliiby • 10 years ago