Small Bug on a Horse Tail

Another Fliiby anegdote 

posted by Fliiby • 3 years ago

Old Martial arts teacher said to one of his students that he is meaningless into this world – like a small bug. But, he added, if that bug catches a tail of a horse, it can make it far, far away. We at Fliiby love to take a peek at old stories as they give us courage to move on, wisdom and knowledge to find our way in this complex world in which we live today.

If you read our posts from time to time, you probably know what the safest place in the jungle is. Now, as we want to move trough the jungle and grow even bigger to provide our users best experience once on Fliiby, we managed to find new investor that truly believe in our vision. Just like a little bug in our story we have caught a tail of Launchub and now we can make it far away with their huge help and resources.

We’re continuing work on Fliiby platform, you will see many changes and improvements to the site itself, especially to the File Monetization program, together with new features releases. After a successful launch of Fliiby V3 now is the perfect time to focus on growth and users. This means more quality publishers and files, together with increase in views and revenue for your files (:

Naturally, Fliiby Team has started recruiting and is looking for young Fliibies to join our team. More info about open positions will be soon available on Fliiby Jobs Page while in the meantime you are welcome to send us your CV to together with your idea how you could contribute to Fliiby.

Thank you for being part of Fliiby story!

Posted by Fliiby • 3 years ago