The Safest Place in the Jungle

Wonder what it is? Read and find out!

posted by Fliiby • 4 years ago

Any time you venture into the wilderness area, like the Jungle, it’s good to know some safe place where to be headed. While we live in time of Digital Jungle (the Internet), it still raises the question: What’s the safest place in the Jungle? Believe it or not, the safest place to be in the Jungle is on the Lions back. That’s right – small flea on the Lions back is the safest being in the Jungle…

We at Fliiby believe in this kind of stories, they give is knowledge and wisdom how to deal with complexity of today’s modern world. This stories also teach us about humility and acknowledgment that we are just standing on shoulders of the giants of our time. It looks like Fliiby is finally headed toward this safest place…

We now have a little bit of the wind in the sails, in the form of funding from two angel investors who joined our board. After 14 months of chasing for external capital, as it was necessary & logical step next to File Library Concept change along with launch of Fliiby Publisher Program, we have secured a budget from investors, to continue our operations and execute development of Fliiby V3.

Naturally, Fliiby Team has started recruiting and is looking for young talents to join our new shiny offices (principal or virtual). We’re looking for Designers, Web Developers and Business Development People (to work on PR, marketing and sales). More info about open positions will be soon available on Fliiby Jobs Page while in the meantime you are welcome to send us your CV to together with your idea how you could contribute to Fliiby.

We have chosen to stay local and that is within small city of Zrenjanin, in Serbia, where our families and friends are, but to truly do global business online. How Fliiby story will continue to unfold – time will tell. Remembering small flea from the story of the Jungle and the Lions back, all it needs to do is to be careful not to itch the Lion too much…

Here are few more photos from Fliiby new office ^_~

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Posted by Fliiby • 4 years ago