Update to Monetization (Revenue Sharing) Algorithm

n past few weeks we have rolled out series of changes to Fliiby’s Monetization (Revenue Sharing) Algorithm.

posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago

In past few weeks we have rolled out series of changes to Fliiby’s Monetization (Revenue Sharing) Algorithm. Update (codename: Sparrow) fixed & improved ads behaviour tracking, affected for better revenue distribution and provided an extra layer of security against platform abuse. Many of publishers noticed fluctuations in their CPM (revenue on thousand views), so for those of you whose rates went UP – everything is good. However for those whose rates went DOWN, here is an explanation why it may happen, and what you could do to fix your CPM rate back UP for good. Please note, Fliiby Monetization Algorithm is our best-kept secret, as such, we can’t go into details about how everything works, but we will provide some general guidelines how Fliiby Monetization Program should be used in an acceptable way. 

Revenue comes from the ads

Ads are bringing in revenue into the system from Advertisers. As such, revenue depends on from few outside factors like advertising budget, start/end of the ad campaign, targeting criteria, etc. We have partnerships with several advertising companies, and it is our job & responsibility to secure quality ads, with maximum ad fill and CPM. For you as a Publisher it important to understand that Advertisers are the most crucial point in this digital ecosystem, and for them to bring ad dollars back into the play – they have to be satisfied with the results they are getting. This is why we are very strict about any type of invalid activities like fake impressions and ad clicks. We have invested a lot of resource in the development of tools for tracking of such activities, and falling under these tools radar will probably get your account blocked and yourself blacklisted.

Not every monetized view is the same

Whenever we are able to display ads next to your pages, we will count these views as monetized. However, based on the visitor, type of view (file or embed page), country location and/or ad frequency cap, we may show the banner ad, video ad, banner & video ad or nothing on your pages. This will affect your CPM value, and we work on optimising this for best user experience together with maximising revenue for the Publishers. It is also important to understand that Users (viewers of your content) are the second crucial point in this digital ecosystem and if we act too aggressively with the ads, they will not come back to the site again.

Likes have no real monetary value

Many publishers asked, “Do Likes generate me revenue?”. Only real thing that brings in revenue into the system is ads. As such, Likes don’t have real monetary value i.e they can’t create real revenue out of the click. However, Likes may indirectly affect your overall revenue. Group of publishers started massively abusing this feature, by creating fake accounts and liking their own files, so we made few changes how we treat this behaviour. Relying just on “Likes” to generate revenue will not give you desired results, and could get your account blocked and yourself blacklisted because of invalid activity. How all this works is up to us, and we will continue changing and optimising it – all for the sake of better engagement and rewarding of trusted publishers. Focus on providing quality content and bringing in genuine visitors to your pages (through proper describing/discoverability of your files, sharing, embedding, etc.) and real engagement in forms of Likes, Download and Comments will drive higher exposure of your files – thus higher revenue also.

Cheating will get you nowhere

A final note to users who are trying to abuse the system – cheating will get you nowhere – and it’s a fact. NET30 payouts are there for reason – it gives us plenty of time to review previous month activity and anything suspicious and not aligned with our TOS/Guidelines will get your account blocked, payments retained, even entire account deleted and yourself blacklisted for future use of Fliiby Monetization Program! If you put the same amount of effort into the creation of quality content and building of your community – you will get guaranteed results from Fliiby platform. We give to publishers a lot. And we have invested unbelievable amounts of time, energy and funds into building one of the best digital content publishing and monetization platform on the internet today. It is you who are stepping into our home and it is your responsibility to align with rules of that home. And it’s our responsibility to guard this platform and to keep balance in this digital ecosystem of Users, Advertisers & Publishers.

Sparrow photo by courtesy of Frans

Posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago