We’ve got a new URL!

Hey! We moved! Update your bookmarks and links to new domain https://flii.by/

posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago

You may have noticed the Fliiby has a new address: https://flii.by/

That’s because starting today, Fliiby has moved its site to a new cloud hosting infrastructure thanks to the new partnership we made with Microsoft Bizpark.

Due to series of technical reasons involved with the infrastructure change, we have decided to switch our primary domain from fliiby.com to flii.by

As a result of the switch to new infrastructure, you can expect much faster page loading time, better upload speed, with more secure, redundant and high-availability solution for publishing of your digital content.

Of course, all your work, followers, revenue share and other features are packed up, moved and working.

The previous address will redirect to the new domain, so your bookmarks and links will continue to work (optionally update your bookmarks and links to new domain https://flii.by/)

Important: If you’re using Fliiby WordPress plugin, please make sure you’ve updated it to the latest version.

Posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago