Why You Should Forget About Stock Photography

What if we told you there's an alternative to the stock photo websites? 

posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago

Whether you’re a photographer with photos to sell or a blogger in search of photos for his blog, you’ve ended up on at least one stock photography website in your life.

Stock photos are specific. Basically, you have to anticipate the needs of a potential customer who will eventually buy your photos. Eventually. Not only that it’s inevitable whether someone will choose your photo over so many others, but you’ll also spend the whole day shooting a perfect shot so you can upload it to some of the stock photography websites. The perfect setting, the perfect weather, perfect everything. And usually, no creativity whatsoever – just generic photos of business people jumping into the air, smiling, a bearded hipster eating a hamburger, or set of young happy women laughing alone with their salads.

But people earn money with stock photos!

You can earn around 1$ per photo. Which doesn’t sound bad if you can sell 1000 photos per month. Alas, if you’re but a mere beginner in this business the truth is, you’ll probably get to sell around 8 photos per month. For a photoshoot that’s deprived of creativity, seriously, this is a high price to pay. And a low income for you, as well. This is why many of our users have given up trying to build their stock photography portfolios and focused on creating quality content.

Earning money from your art shouldn’t depend on lack of creativity, on the contrary. We’re witnesses of many artist’s works going viral over social media, blogs, content aggregators such a Bored Panda, Buzzfeed, etc. When creative work goes viral it only proves that content indeed is King. So, here at Fliiby, we encourage our users to focus on creating amazing content which they do) and we’ll provide them with our monetization program.

What’s the difference with monetization, then?

Our monetization program works through CPM (revenue per thousand impressions) which means you get a revenue share every time someone sees your content. So, instead of waiting for your photos to be bought and downloaded from a stock photography website, you can easily promote and share your content, thus raising your chances of getting noticed by people and earn money.

How can I be sure someone will use my photo from Fliiby?

The truth is – you can’t, the same way you can’t be sure someone will buy your photo from the stock site. However, on Fliiby, you have a control over the distribution of your content – yes the content is free, yet images can’t be saved. You have the option to protect the images with watermark, disable the download option, even disable the embed option.

Also, Fliiby’s embedding option along with WordPress plugin helps people in search of content for their blog to easily put the photos on their website.


Though selling your photos on stock websites can be a great thing, you’re faced with numerous restrictions such as lack of creative work, low price paid for your images, copyright infringement, etc. On Fliiby, you have complete freedom of creativity, control over the distribution of your work and a revenue share for every time your photo is viewed. We’ve witnessed people make money from their art on Fliiby when they comply with our ToS and our 10 commandments.

If you don’t have an account, register for free and start publishing your amazing art at Fliiby – we can’t wait to see what you have to show to the world!

Posted by Fliiby • 2 years ago