Fliiby Features

Dynamic storage

Fliiby uses Dynamic Storage model to calculate your storage space consumption and need. Simply saying you can have as much space as you need, as long as you use it to provide quality and original content.

Private sharing

Share your private files and folders via unique share url’s. Track usage and revoke access when you want to.


Use Fliiby Player with advanced customisation and styling. We make sure your files play on any device, with HTML 5 & Flash fallback.

File monetization

With Fliiby revenue sharing program you can start monetizing your music, photos, videos, ebooks and files. We take care of everything, from file hosting, ad delivery and timely payouts.

Advanced statistics

Track file views, likes and downloads, breaking down data by domain, device, location, and more.

Multi file upload

Fliiby supports nearly all file formats and creates preview for your images, audio, flash, videos and documents.