How to create smooth 60 FPS CS:GO clips (TUTORIAL)

Hey guys! Here is a video that can help you make smooth/crisp CS:GO clips.
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How to create smooth 60 FPS CS:GO clips (TUTORIAL)

0:25 - Shadowplay
1:15 - HLAE Setup
1:59 - CS:GO Capturing
4:48 - Sony Vegas Project Properties
5:03 - Importing clips and setting them up (Syncing & smart resample)
7:18 - Color Correction
8:59 - Clip Sample
9:42 - Sony Vegas rendersettings

Special thanks to proutounz!

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Get_Right sample -


HLAE (Half-Life Advanced Effects) -
Sony Vegas 13 -
Shadowplay -
CS:GO Config -
Total Commander 8.52a (64-bit) -

CommandLine: -steam +sv_lan 1 -console -game csgo

Color correction filter pack (Vegas) -
Put this file here C:\Users\"Your User"\AppData\Roaming\Sony\FX Packages\{577F3599-1691-4578-94E8-28B7783F0B67}

The most important binds of the CS:GO Config:

MOUSE1 - Switch to next player
MOUSE2 - Switch to previous player
MOUSE3 - Open DemoUI
Y - Movie Overlay ON/OFF
O - Change sky to Vertigo Blue

Here is a different method to capture 60FPS videos


Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Late

High Maintenance - Change Your Ways (feat. Charlotte Haining) [NCS Release]

High Maintenance

Charlotte Haining (vocalist)

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