I heard this single pulse as soon as my eyes met him. He was waiting to step in.

I simply followed the line. Left ... straight... at some point, there was the unexpected architectural heartbeat... Right .. straight.

............. Tic....

While I was looking at him, my eyes were telling my brain to imagine myself projected into the future and to oversee my thoughts while waiting my upcoming beat of life. ....... Tic....

I would step in, search for a place, my heartbeat would increase. I would feel it. No seats available. I would remain hanging on the roof horizontal holders and would watch at other faces than mine.

Some time to time... I would look through the window, and would see my own reflection transported in an accelerated time points to another destination. I would see through my eyes what stands outside.


To calm down, I would take my book from my handbag and would finally read few lines. Another dimension would be welcoming me while I would gather the multitude of information found in my surroundings. I would hear suddenly tum tum tum ... associated with birdsongs and imagining a man waiting a tram in a tube station alone in a dark, illuminated by the only light, as he was alone in his own thoughts avoiding any outdoor inputs.


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