Durankulak (Durankulashko swamp, an old name Blatnishko Lake) is a lake located southeast of the village in northeastern Bulgaria in Coastal Dobrudja. It is a protected area with an area of 446.54 hectares, inhabited by many rare species and archaeological park.
The lake is situated in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, about 6 km from the Bulgarian-Romanian border and 15 km north of the town of Shabla, between the villages of Durankulak northwest Krapec Vaklino south and southwest. Has the shape of the letter "Y", facing the upper end of the west. The lake has two "tails" Northwest begins at the bridge in the village of Durankulak and it flows Durankulak Dol and in the southwest - Vaklinovski dollars. The lake stretches southeast to the sea shore. Represents a coastal lagoon lake with an area of ​​3.4 km² and with approximate dimensions - 4 km in length and 0,37 - 1,1 km width. In the western part are the two islands (respectively 20.0 and 5.3 acres). The larger depending on the level of the lake periodically turns on island peninsula and there is the Archaeological Reserve "Durankulak". The lake is connected by an artificial channel to the north at Cape Eagle Marsh Kartalburun. Its maximum depth reaches up to 4 m, its volume is 4.9 million. M3, and salinity to 4 ‰. its main nourishment of karst springs.

In the 50s and 60s was built partition wall that protects the casting of the lake in the Black Sea. North of the Durankulak Lake and Eagle Marsh is camping space.

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