Kish with mushrooms, chicken and tomatoes. Recipes with photos.

- flour 200 гр.
- oil 80 гр.
- egg of 1 piece.
- water of cold 3 tablespoons.
- champignon mushrooms 300 гр.
- chicken breast 150 гр.
- tomatoes of 2 pieces.
- salt, black ground pepper to taste
- cream of 22% 200 ml.
- egg of 3 pieces.
- salt, a nutmeg to taste
- parsley to taste.

To pour flour into a deep cup, to chop сл. oil, well to rumple hands. Dough will turn into a crumb.
To add egg and water, to knead soft dough. To clean in the refrigerator for an hour.
Mushrooms to cut, fry, add chicken breast
Tomatoes to salt, pepper. To fry everything minutes 15.
Filling. To pour out cream in a bowl, to add eggs, salt, a nutmeg and parsley, it is good to shake up.
To roll dough in a circle, to shift in a baking pan, a fork to pierce dough in several places that it wasn't blown up when baking and in a hot oven for about 15 minutes at 380F a hail.
To take out from an oven, to lay out a stuffing, to pour out from above filling and in an oven for about 40-50 minutes (you look on your oven) at 380F a hail. From above it is possible also cheese to rub on a grater.

Bon Appetite!

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