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Bad dreams and nightmares are an integral part of childhood, because through them, according to psychologists, children make sense of the bad and unpleasant events. When the child wakes up crying in the middle of the night and complained that the dream was a monster, you know that it is for him a very real and scary.

Never do it because scold, nor does it force you to return to your room or bed. Fully wake him up, turn on the light to understand where it is and that it is not in a bad dream. Provide comfort and allow him to sleep next to you and calm. When you get up, talk about what a dream or that, for example, in the dark, there is nothing that is not there and per day.

Ask your child to draw his dream if he wants to, because in this way "clean" of negative emotions and fear. Draw a new drawing in which, for example, a monster that scared him a little bit like a mouse, or in a cage.

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