Galaxy S8 DEX Dock + Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition + Intel Optane M.2

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Galaxy S8 DEX Dock + Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition + Intel Optane M 2
Hey guys welcome to Brainy and welcome to a brand new video. In this video i talk about The Samsung Galaxy S8's Dock known as Dex and i give figures in terms of price and also release date. I also talk about the Microsoft Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as Intel Optane M.2. Alongside that, i give info on Twitter's New Reply Structure, The fact that the Galaxy Note 7 is coming back and more. So stay tuned and let's get into it.
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Samsung’s DeX dock for the Galaxy S8 costs $150 and will ship in April -
Twitter redesigns replies so usernames don’t count against the 140-character limit -
Microsoft is selling its own Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition -
Samsung confirms the Note 7 is coming back as a refurbished device -
Intel Launches Optane Memory M.2 Cache SSDs For Consumer Market -
Google Home is getting a bunch of new smart home integrations -
Razer upgrades 17-inch Blade Pro to Kaby Lake -
Microsoft lets you download the Windows 10 Creators Update a little early -
Microsoft will let users manually download the Creators Update on April 5th -
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Uploaded: Apr 2, 2017

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published 1 year ago