Advanced File Search Update 4 Final (.exe)

Stable Version, if you want more features, check out Update 5 Beta 4 (there are some bugs so don't complain)

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NOTE: This Program is not a Virus, Anti-viruses might think it is one because of the fact that this program tries to get information about your computer. That is true because this program goes through all your files to find the file you want. Don't worry this program is not Harmful.

Having trouble finding a file in your computer because you forgot where you saved it and Windows Search engine doesn't have enough filters to find your file? Well this program will do just that. There are many filters you can choose from (e.g. Attribute, Size, Extension, Name) and has a database of over 8000 extensions so your file will definitely be found.


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Uploaded: Dec 1, 2015

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published 2 years ago