pine needles

He's tall and 40 m. Wood is abundant resin. There are many forms and geographical shape.

The bark on the upper part of the trunk and the branches thin, reddish and peels off in thin plates. The lower part of the trunk has a gray-brown, grooved, thick crust. The trunks of older trees are reddish and thin.

The root system has a strong vein leonurus.

Buds not resinous. After the egg-shaped roller and rounded. Shells are popular with more or less free sesastim tops, and are 6-2 mm long.

The needles (needles) are on short shoots two in a whitish branch, long 4 to 8 cm and up to 2 mm wide. Supple and thin, pointed, often slightly twisted (twisted), light gray-green, green or dark green. They remain on the branches of 2-3 years, and at higher altitudes and longer.

The flowers are single-sex. Male flowers are ovoid, sumpornožuti, up to 1 cm long, and the women are in the form of small brown or red cones.

Cones (cones) are light brown or gray, with pronounced short handle on where more. Ovoid-conical in shape, often asymmetrical, 3 to 8 cm long and 2-3 cm wide, rhombic shields, without tip. Apophysis is flat or pyramidal drawn, with umbo at the top.

The seed is dark brown, 3-4 mm long, with 3-4 times longer translucent kriocetom covered seeds as pliers and from it can be removed. Matures in October of the second year, and it turns out in the spring of the third year. Pliers with 4 to 8, and most frequently with 6 cotyledons.

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