Hall "The Cradle" - is the pinnacle of the pyramid - its dome, which offers a beautiful view of one of the youngest capitals of the world. From the audience can see the residence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Ak Orda", the building of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Supreme Court, the symbol of the monument "Astana - Baiterek" monument "Kazakh Eli" Astana beautiful bridge that connects the right and left bank of the city.
Between the palace and the residence of the President of the defeated Presidential Park. Floor is the glass dome, designed by the English artist Brian Clarke. This amazing picture floating in the clear sky of doves under the rays of the sun clear - a work of art, made of stained glass. A large glass dome, which is the top of the pyramid, as if we throw toward the sky, where 130 sports pigeons symbolizing the nationalities living in Kazakhstan and the people of Kazakhstan. Seating capacity of 100 people. The hall is equipped with ultra-modern technology of simultaneous translation.

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