How to make a photo into a woodcut - photoshop tutorial

How to Create a Woodcut Carving - Photoshop Tutorial

Source files: - Girl Photo - Wood texture

Open File
Go to Quick Selection Tool and make a selection
Press V for Move Tool and drag the selection into the wood texture
CTRL T for Transform
CTRL Shift U Desaturate
Go to Filter - Filter Gallery - Sketch - Photocopy
Go to Pencil Tool and paint with white to clean the image
Hide the Background Layer
Go to Channels Tab
click on the small circle down and right, near mask layer, will make a selection
Go back to Layers Tab
Unhide the Background layer
CTRL Shift I ( Invert the selection )
Create a new layer
Hide Layer 1
Fill Layer 2 with black ( CTRL Del if your background color is black )
CTRL D Deselect
Change the blend mode to Soft Light
Go to Layer Style ( fx ) - Bevel and Emboss
Style - Inner bevel
Technique - Smooth
Depth - 50% ( adjust for your image )
Direction - Down
Size - 1 ( adjust for your image )

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