den loaf- backup cover

dej loaf ft big sean
back up cover


i said wait, he dont ever have to check
if i leave him for the next,
imma bit him on his neck
why you gotta be so mean,
end up just like charlie sheen
cause you giving out your ass
we be smoking all that green

i aint never had no team,
i ride solo dont know
all i know is all my fantasies, breaking
ankles like curry,
fucking know just what i mean,
take me out we could eat
put a ring on my left
that was, one of my biggest dreams,
all these guys be on that cream,

watching porn get horny
all adoring many hoes
that keep pouring i aint foreign
but I’m out no hable engle
never doubt,
if you want me hear my mouth,
you know wat I’m talking bout

verse 2

get a text let me check,…..
this is what i see,
he acting thirsty can
you please back up off me… I’m not your ex
i dont flex i do more when i open
up your door, you gon see all my flaws.
showed me wat you really about,
never knew i always doubt..thought you was a
different man,
you like him right by my house,
standing on the conner,
let me order you a spouse,
if it aint about marriage then
you know that I’m out,
stop playing games,
imma put you to shame i aint ton say no names
blow you out no picture frame,
you really did changed..

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published 2 years ago