Styrsö can be considered the hub in the south part of the archipelago.

Styrsö is located in the middle of the southern island and around 1400 people inhabits the island. Here you can find a Post office, shops, cafés, guesthouses and restaurants. There are plenty of places to swim, be that a child-friendly sandy beach, a pier or flat cliffs. There are also great fishing spots on the south side of the island.

From Stora Rös, the islands high point, you can enjoy a great view over all the islands. On clear days you can see Bohuslän in the north, Gothenburg in the east, Halland to the south and the silhouette of Vinga against the horizon in the west.
There are four small villages with differing character. The oldest is Byn with its church from 1752. Tången is the traditional fishing village with huddled houses and winding paths. In Halsvik the well-to-do captains made their mark, just as the summer visitors left their on Bratten. Gothenburg high society discovered Styrsö in the late 19th century and turned Bratten into a little seaside resort.
The landscape is varied, barren in the west and wooded between Skäret and Bratten. Once upon a time there was a large oak forest on the island, but it was chopped down leaving Styrsö with rocky cliffs and poor pastures.

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