Now on Pravox VARIETY: The8BitDrummer [Promo]

If you didn't know, I run a online TV network known as Pravox VARIETY which is powered by video links people submit! This is an ad I just made to showcase some commonly aired videos. This uses a really different style from past ones showing more footage, changing text animations, and separating the info at the end from the logo among other changes.

Go check out The8BitDrummer on Twitch! He's an awesome live streamer who does improv drum covers of any song online (mostly Video Game music hence 8Bit).

Song is Checkpoint by Nitro Fun and Hyper Potions
(yes that's the same song in my update video, I just love this song :P Also yes more transition glitches, blame the beta version of #GoPro Quik)

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Uploaded: Aug 21, 2016

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published 1 year ago