mill for grinding grain with water in Bosna

Watermill is a structure that uses a waterwheel for grinding grain and obtain flour, sawing boards, textile processing and other tasks, working water-powered (streams or rivers). In prehistoric and ancient times, there were only manual mills and mills in the animal facility. The principle of using the power of running water was known in the first centuries after Christ, but it is applied only in the Middle Ages, when the construction of the mills spread throughout Europe, especially after 12 stoljeća.Postoje two basic types of mills, those who use the waterwheel of the vertical axis and those that use horizontal axis. Water mills with horizontal axis can be further divided into a water mill where water flows under a wooden wheel, mills where water flows into the body of the wooden wheels and mills where water flows over a wooden kotača.U China, during the Han Dynasty, mills were used to obtain flour and to drive the bellows in the production of cast iron.

Arabs have learned to build a water mill of the ancient Greeks. Mostly they were used to lift water up to 30 meters (Al-Andalus). They thus use called crazy.

In India, a water mill and still used to obtain flour, there are still about 200 000 working, and in Nepal, about 25 000 in operation

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