Voronezh: Princess castle of Oldenburg

Voronezh: Princess castle of Oldenburg
In 1879 Emperor Alexander II gave his cousin, her Highness Princess Eugenia Maximilianovna Romanovskaya, Duchess of Leuchtenberg (by her husband — a Princess of Oldenburg), the estate in settlement Ramon of the Voronezh province. In 1883 by the architect Christopher Neisler began the construction of the castle for spouses. Three years were built foot-thick walls, and by 1887, was completed the interior finish.

The Palace was built in "old English" style. Opposite manor house gate with a tower and built it for hours the Swiss company "winter", called "Suite case", as there are housed the entourage that accompanied the nobles visiting the estate.

The Princess spent much of the settled life in the village. In particular, it built the first Russian candy factory with the use of steam engines, which was called "steam factory of sweets and chocolate" and later became the ancestor of the Voronezh confectionery factory. The factory's products had international recognition, winning numerous awards at various world exhibitions.

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