THE LGG6 (What you Need To Know)

THE LG G6 (What you Need To Know)
Hey guys Brainy here and with the LG G6 releasing very soon, i thought i'd do a video covering a few things that you should know about the LG G6 Specification Wise. I give a quick rundown of specs and features in this short two minute video. So stay tuned and let's go.
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Hey guys Brainy Here and welcome to a short video all about The LGG6. Since the release of this device is very close and a few youtubers actually already got hands on experience with a review version of the device and if you haven’t yet seen any of those videos, I’ll leave a link below if you wanna check out more specs on this thing and get more info on this device. So without Further adue, here’s almost everything you need to know about the LGG6.
“With the G6, announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LG is changing its own definition of "flagship" phone. Don’t expect self-healing materials, modular add-ons, or a focus on high-end specs; in their place is a straightforward device that might not wow on paper, but may well be the company's best phone in recent memory.” This comes from the Verge and I completely agree. The phones has a slick, clean almost bezzeless design and well, it’s not bad on the eyes.
So first off let’s go through a full list of specifications for this device.
Water-resistant metal and glass body, Front of the phone is mostly screen with slender bezels, it’s No longer modular and it has 5.7-inch QHD+ display with an Ultra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio and a Resolution of 1440 x 2880 with a pixel density of 564ppi. As for the camera and battery, it has a Dual-lens 13MP rear camera with focused and wide sensors. It has A non-removable battery and that’s for a good reason. They added IP68 Water and Dust Resistance. As for battery details it does have a 3,300mAh battery which is honestly great for the device and since these specs are liable to change with the official launch, leave a bit of room for improvement when the final phone is released.
Now a bit more info, it runs Android Nougat overlaid with the new LG UX 6.0, its Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 chipset which is great but isn’t the best since a lot of phones are starting to come out with SnapDragon 835s. Apart from that I personally see the phone as a great deal as of now. And finally there are three things that I wanna mention. Namely the phone’s support for Super speedy wireless charging, the fact that it charges via USB-C and it comes with Google Assistant, something that has mainly been seen on the Google Pixel.
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