#SharetheGoodness with Sundown Naturals®

In early July, leading vitamin and supplement brand Sundown Naturals® completed their three month cross-country Sundown Naturals® 100% Goodness Tour. The 100% Goodness Tour, which celebrated the simple goodness in life, kicked-off in April at the WTHR Health EXPO in Indianapolis, IN and made its final stop in Dallas, TX with 23 stops in between.
At each location, attendees sampled Sundown Naturals® Gummies and were invited to #sharethegoodness and contribute to a cross-country photo mural displaying what makes them feel good, whether that be a beautiful day, friends, a meal or a pet. A team of “Goodness Gurus” were also on-site sharing ways to focus on wellness through nutrition, fitness, mindfulness or cultivating joy in daily life.
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