Zagrepčanka is a high-rise office building located in Zagreb

Zagrepčanka is a high-rise office building located in Zagreb, Croatia. The address is Savska 41, on the Savska Road and Vukovar Avenue intersection.

Zagrepčanka is ranked 1st by height (1st when you include the antenna) in Croatia. It is 94.6 meters (310 feet) tall, and it has 27 levels. There is a radio mast on the roof, which increases the height of the tower to 109 meters (363 feet). There are two underground levels, used for parking spaces. It's served by six elevators. The building is a part of the complex, which includes a lowrise 3 level business objects, an art installation, and a fountain.

The tower has three parts. The center part has 26 floors, the west wing has 21 floor, and the east wing has 19 floors. The facade is derived in white marble, and a reflective green glass. There are 23 three-apses protrusions, which run from the 25th to 26th floor. The center wing has 24 support beams, and the side wings have 23 beams. The side wings are hyperbolically curved over the vertical axis.

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