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Support Mad Munchkin

My friend Amy Metven, more commonly known as Mad Munchkin, is currently working harder than ever to achieve one of her goals. Shady Doorags Entertainment is heavily inspired by Mad Munchkin Arts and Illustrations, so I figured the least I could do was direct some traffic her way. (Also she called me "really cool guy" one time, so I basically owe her a life debt because of that).

Check out Mad Munchkin. She can be found in the following locations...

Her prints can be purchased at...

She'll be open for commissions come October. Until then, here's her commission prices.

For a full version of the situation, check out

There is also a donation pool started by youtuber and animator Lightnight Bliss as well as other ways to contribute in a more direct route.;panel=campaigns

Folder: Random Person, Ellipsis and Janet

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