EnLight: GAC Motor’s smart electric concept car

China's leading automobile manufacturer GAC Motor has released the first concept car EnLight on November 18 at the 14th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, marking a new milestone in the company’s continuous path of innovation.
EnLight is an unprecedented smart electric supercar that applies the latest cutting-edge technologies, most futuristic design concepts and natural driving experience. The slim bodied supercar with butterfly wing doors has both the autonomous and manual driving modes while achieving four-wheel independent drive with the in-wheel motors.
“EnLight is a forward-thinking concept car representing the highest level of GAC Motor’s independent research and development as well as our unparalleled technological capabilities, which will also provide GAC Motor strong confidence and support to seek advanced development in the direction of reaching the top of the auto industry through innovation and creativity,” said Zeng Qinghong, president of GAC Motor.
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