Ride the Lightning

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Photo taken in last night's storm June 16th 2014 8:08 pm on 463rd avenue by 290th street gravel. I stopped here for some quick shots because I had a small break in the rain but realized this was a very bad idea when I tried to leave. For a while I thought I was going to have to find the highest ground and wait til morning to try and drive home. It took me over 3 hours to find a way out of this area. Down every turn there was water flooded over the highway and even if I could have made it to the interstate it was closed already because water had even flooded across that as well. On the way here on the interstate I seen a semi flipped over and two cars in the ditch one completely submerged to the roof. Anyways noob lesson for today , do not stop in an area that is flooding to take lightning pics especially if on the way in many spots on the highway were already flooded over because it might keep flooding and leaving debris and washing out every gravel road so you can not get home ;-)

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posted 2 years ago

Love it :)