Do you see it??? Look closer!!

I didn't. Not at first. I was taking a walk along the riverbank, camera in hand as usual, and just enjoying the early morning fog and taking a snap here and there of something that interested me. I came along to this little piece of moss growing on a wire fence, and the teeny tiny drops of mist caught my eye, and I decided to try and capture it. While I was snapping away and trying my best to focus and get in as close as possible, I saw something move through the visor. And then I saw it. This little speck of a spider was trying its best to become invisible to this huge monstrosity looming over her! And only when I got home and looked at the photos more closely did I notice the tiny face painted on her body. Nature is just amazingly wonderful, and it's times like these that I realise how much we miss around us, simply because we don't take the time to stop and look around and really see...I hope I made you see something today you haven't seen before!

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