Rescue from the water

Drowning (drowning, strangulation in) means the penetration of liquids into the airways and asphyxia (suffocation). It can appear as an accidental (non-swimmers, swimmers due to fatigue, spasms, panic, alcohol, heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage, spinal cord injury and head when diving), then suicidal (it is usually combined with poisoning or sniping over the water) and murderous (usually as infanticide).
Immersion phase
It occurs when the throat poklpopac gets under the surface of the liquid surface. Instead of air in the respiratory tract enters the liquid, reflexively closes the larynx (laryngospasm) and sudden stops entry of fluid in the airways. Injured rapidly swallowing great kolličine liquid that goes into the stomach, resulting distension (expansion) of the stomach and suppress the diaphragm, the lungs and heart to the neck.
Sufokaciona fazaž
The losing consciousness, laryngospasm loosening and penetration of liquids into the lungs. Inhaled fluid in the airways mixed with air and mucus present creating foam that prevents the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the alveoli. Every breath deepens asphyxiation, breathing soon stops, but the heart still works. Cardiac arrest occurs 3-5 minutes during sufokacione phase.
How to react
Announcing drowning undertaken by people who are good swimmers and / or persons with additional resources (lumber, rubber balls, life jackets, etc.). Drowning man needs to come from behind after the scared and excited people reflexively catches for rescuers so it may be that this can not swim and I can both get hurt. We should be careful if it comes to a strong person, and then it is best to wait for the murders, and he then approached. Floater is pulled by grabbing hair below the neck or armpits, and at the same time takes into account that his head is above the water surface.
Rate whether the victim is alive pulse palpation neck arteries or thighs and his breathing (movements of the chest). If the victim is alive, quickly remove foreign objects from the mouth and throat (braces, mud, grass, etc.), A person is placed in an inclined position with his head down and sideways (victim was probably in a coma and can aspirate the water coming out stomach).
If the heart is not working and there is no spontaneous breathing, victim turns the stomach, resuscitator, it covers the back and arms under the abdomen, raises the abdominal part of the water from the stomach suddenly comes out.
No need to wait to the last drop of water comes out, but the injured to turn back and begin CPR. CPR is carried out by blowing the expired air resuscitator method of mouth-to-mouth or mouth to nose. The lips of patients are cleaned of foreign content, through them, the question handkerchief or something. Reanimator is with the patient, one hand trailed under the door (and slightly below), raises the patient's neck to head spontaneously fall down and back vertex toward the back. Thumb and index finger the other hand close the nostrils, with the palm of the same hand pressing his forehead and pushed her head down as much as possible and return to the chin occupy the top position. Took a deep breath, put his mouth on his mouth and blowing air to the patient, ensuring that the scope of his mouth covered volume lip patients, because it avoids the loss of air. Then resuscitator, mouth frees patients to ensure that the air spontaneously stoned out. The first ten blowing is carried out quickly and in succession and the insufflation continues smoothly in the normal rhythm of breathing (12-14 ppm). Checking the performance of blowing assesses the appearance of synchronous movement of the chest.
External heart massage should be started as soon as stop or severely weakened heart. This can be ascertained by the fact that no one can feel the pulse of the arteries in the neck, arms or legs, and the injured are dilated pupils and assume ghastly appearance. Performed steady and strong pressure connection area in the upper two thirds and the lower third of the sternum (breastbone). The suppression of the sternum to the spine 3.5-5 cm is transferred to the heart. The person who helps REANIMATOR raise patient legs to move more blood to the heart and brain. About 2 cm above the end of the sternum set the root of the palm of one hand, and through it the root of the other hand. The arms are extended at the elbows and shoulders are above the breastbone, such as by body weight resuscitator transferred to his hands, to the compression of the heart becomes more efficient. His fingers lay hands do not touch the chest. Hands are not separated from the landscape of the sternum at the next compression. Rhythm compression is 80-100 ppm, and after every fifth compression is done one blow air at which point the compression is not performed. If resuscitation performed by two people, with the same rhythm of compression of the heart perform two uzastpona blowing every 15 compressions. Checking uspeđnosti carried out after one minute resuscitation.
Signs of success resuscitation: palpable pulse in arteries in the neck or legs, pupils are not dilated maximum (extended), improves the color, there is muscle tone, chest spontaneously and rhythmically driven.
If successful resuscitation, patients placed in the coma position (on the side), dry and warm and accompanied transported to the hospital.

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