The keys of an accordion Weltmeister

Accordion is polyphonic and aerofonski musical instrument with a keyboard or buttons. A musician on the accordion (accordion) hands bellows expands and contracts with the airstream passes through the valves. These valves control the accordionist fingers pressing the keys.

Body accordion consists of two wooden boxes associated bellows. Size and weight of the accordion varies depending on its type, the number of registers and bass. I put pressure on the race is not used as a means of expression, nor does it control the volume, but it is used exclusively for pumping the bellows. There are three basic types of accordion: piano accordion, chromatic, with buttons and diatonic accordion.

It is believed that the first accordion designed by Christian Friedrich Ludwig Bushman, 1822 in Berlin. The accordion was patented by Cyril Demian 1829 in Vienna. His accordion had keys on one side, while the other was used for bed.

Accordion is a folk instrument popular all over the world (France, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America). It is present in traditional and newly-composed music of Serbia. Accordion is rarely used as an instrument in the popular and serious music, but is also used in classical music, especially from the second half of the 20th century. A great contribution to the development of the accordion and literature for accordion given by Russian composers.

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